Starfall – 3.

Emeria peered down at the humans. If it wasn’t for their strange clothing they would have been indistinguishable from the humans in their world. Good. At least it will be easy for them to blend in if necessary.

‘Greetings’ she said when the second girl lifted her head too.

Both looked back at her with confusion written all over their faces. For a brief moment she didn’t understand the lack of reaction. Why don’t they say something? Realization hit her hard. The spell hasn’t been lain on them, they probably didn’t understand a thing they told them. Hot flames of embarrassment licker her neck, reaching for her face. The girls probably thought she got angry as they shied away.

‘We should have laid the spell on them while they were unconscious,’ she told her sister.

‘That did not occur to me,’ she murmured. She could have gotten upset about the edge in Emeria’s voice, however, her twin sister knew her way too well to be disturbed by it.

Alenia stepped forward which frightened the girls so much the older one tugged on her sister’s sleeve, and they both scrambled on their feet, trying to flee. Emeria acted fast. She didn’t want her sister to get upset. She saw her mad once during their twenty-three years and she did not want to relive the experience. She lifted her hand and made a dismissive move as if brushing something off the air. Shadows gathered, blocking the girls’ way. She knew words would be powerless so she used her connection to the darkness to restrain them. Panic burned in their eyes as they thrashed, but they couldn’t escape their bonds. It almost made Emeria smile.

Alenia murmured in a low voice, then lightly touched the forehead of the younger girl. Her eyes went wide as she listened to Alenia’s words and she stopped thrashing. The same happened to the older girl as well.

With a flick of her wrist Emeria dismissed the shadows and greeted them again. There was no response this time either, however, after a few moments of stunned silence the older one opened her mouth.

‘Who are you people?’ she asked.

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